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Our Team

Our Team


Damian Ratajczak

(CEO and Co-Founder)

A tech-savvy business pro, Damian is passionate about creating innovative solutions to old problems. Damian loves meeting medical students in his home town of Poznan, Poland, and exploring new ways technology can help them succeed.


Barrington Kirkham

(COO and Co-Founder)

With over 10 years of business experience, Barrington Kirkham is a veteran of several industries including publishing, design, marketing and e-Commerce. Originally from Scotland, Barrington lived much of his life in the north of England and brings to a QUPI a broad network of contacts and an unlimited supply of ideas.


Izabela Szymczak

(CFO and Co-Founder)

Izabela Szymczak spent fives years in the Middle East, working for UNESCO in Jordan and becoming fluent in Arabic. Having managed education projects in Poland and worked for the Polish Ministry of Education, Izabela brings a wealth of experience to the QUPI team. She is currently based in California.


Future Doc House

(Brand-Ambassador and Co-Founder)

As a medical student in three different countries, Future Doc House personally experienced the challenges and pitfalls of the medical education system. Now QUPI’s USA based co-founder and foremost brand ambassador, Future Doc House is on a mission to revolutionize the way medicine is taught worldwide.


Agnieszka Szymczak

(Administrative Manager)

Agnieszka earned a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and has studied real estate management and environmental protection. When she’s not keeping the QUPI team on schedule, she enjoys real estate consultancy and belly dancing (though not at the same time!)


Nathan Thomas


Nathan published his first article at the age of 11 in his local newspaper. Since then his work as a ghostwriter has appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post and the Harvard Business Review. He helps QUPI connect to their audience and increase their impact through email and social media.

Ana Cristina Useche Wojtowicz

(PR Manager)

A graduate of Poznań University of Economics and Business, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of business in Poland, Cristina has the communication skills to help QUPI stay on message, and the business knowledge to keep the company growing.


Marco Elsy

(Graphic Designer)

British-born graphic designer Marco Elsy has an eye for detail and gift for building relationships. Having worked across Europe in the media and financial services industries, Marco is helping QUPI grow their customer base and build their international brand.

Advisory Board


Ziya Aktig


Dr Ziya Aktig is a graduate of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague where he held teaching assistant positions in the Institute Of Physiology and the Institute of Histology and Embryology. Ziya is passionate about teaching and education. As a global citizen – he holds four passports – Ziya is excited to be part of the international team at QUPI and to support medical students around the world.

Micheala Varys


A graduate of First Faculty of Medicine at Prague’s Charles University, Michaela was appointed President of the local Rotaract club and also served as head of the student body’s charitable organization. While working as a teaching assistant for histology and physiology, she helped to create new virtual microscopy software to enhance the learning process. Naturally, we thought Michaela would be a perfect fit for the QUPI team!

Sohel Ahmed


Sohel Ahmed studied medicine at Poznan University of Medical Science and acquired a degree in Management Administration Systems from Newman University. An experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in international trade and development, Sohel combines business savvy with a passion for medicine.

Mohamed Abouzid

(B.Pharm, M.Sc., Pharm.D., Ph.D.)

Mohamed Abouzid has a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. He is a Clinical Researcher specialised in Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacotherapy. Currently, as a Ph.D. candidate at Poznan University of Medical Science, Mohamed’s expertise in pharmacology and his first-hand experience of medicine and scientific education in Europe, North America and North Africa provide valuable insights to the QUPI team.


Kohei Yamada

Dr. Kohei Yamada graduated from Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine in Prague, where he was awarded a bursary for outstanding progress in studies. A newly qualified doctor who has experienced the UK, EU and American licensing boards, Kohei is passionate about how the latest technology can be applied both in medicine and in medical education. As the representative of QUPI he supports students around the world to rediscover their passion and pass medical school with confidence.

Lasse Hodne

(Medical Student)

Lasse Hodne is in his fifth year of medical studies at Poznan University of Medical Science. Originally from Norway, Lasse frequently mentors younger students from his home country, and in recognition of this has been appointed spokesman for the Norwegian Medical Association. He believes that compassion is a doctor’s number one asset, and that the future of medical learning is digital.
sowmya thottambeti profile

Sowmya Thottambeti

(UX/UI Advisor)

Sowmya Thottambeti has constantly excelled at whatever she puts her mind to. A precocious international student in Poland and Finland, a charismatic presence in film and media, an insightful UX designer and now a consultant with QUPI, Sowmya combines an outgoing nature with an analytical mind. Her intelligence and energy will continue pushing QUPI forward.

Tommy J Griffiths

Tommy J Griffiths is a British model currently studying Public Communication in Poland. A student of Russian and English philology with a passion for language and travel, Tommy uses is communication skills and international background to spread the word about QUPI to a wider audience. His enthusiasm and energy make him a valuable addition to the QUPI team.

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